Death and Eternal Life

We are all headed to the same physical fate; both the righteous and the unrighteous will die one day. But happily, Christians need not fear death, though we still do. Those who believe what God says can rest in the assurance of these two truths:

  • Our lives here are in God’s hands, and he alone will determine when our time here on Earth will end. We will not be called home to heaven one second before God wills it so. Read Job 14:5
  • We are headed to an eternity with God in heaven. A much better place than where we are now! Read John 14:2-3 and Luke 23:42-43

As you mature in the faith, your confidence in God’s promises deepens, and the notion of life after death becomes more certain. This confidence provides the Christian with the courage to face their inevitable departure from this life and is wonderful comfort as we say goodbye to our loved ones. Jesus tells us repeatedly that those who believe in him will have eternal life, and we believe what he tells us.


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