Benefits of Christianity in This Life

The most significant benefit of faith in Jesus Christ simply cannot be adequately expressed here. The joy of forever in heaven instead of the agony of eternity in hell is an abstract concept that cannot truly be grasped. We can hear about it and understand it intellectually, but we cannot in our hearts comprehend what it means. Certainly, it is the salvation of our souls from God’s wrath for our sin, which is the great gift, but I doubt anyone turns to Christ out of the fear of hell. Instead, we are compelled to turn to Christ to address what we know is not right in ourselves, how we live, or even to escape a hell on Earth that has entangled us.  We look to Christ to enjoy his mercy, love, blessing, and security in this life while looking to the future promise of heaven.

The benefits we enjoy as Christians are rooted in our standing as the adopted children of God. Our lives are in our heavenly Father’s hands, and we are assured that he will cause all things to work together for our good. We realize these benefits as we pursue God and strive to live our lives according to his will. Here are some of the principal benefits that we Christians enjoy during our short time here on Earth.


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