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John 3:36. This short verse sums up the reality set before us in the New Testament. With Christ you will enjoy eternal life; without Christ, you will endure an eternity of agony in hell. I thought “John 3:36” to be an apt title for this effort.

In my study of the Bible, I have found it so packed with instruction, meaning, and revelation that distilling the many facets of the message into succinct principles of truth and the elements of a life pleasing to God, to be a challenge. What has helped tremendously is writing as I work through it. I once heard that “writing is thinking,” and I believe that is right. So, this is where I write as I think, accept, reject, organize, and strive to discern the correct meaning and application of God’s word. The objective is to know and understand the message of salvation, the will of God, and the correct doctrine of the Christian faith. I hope you will receive some benefit from this work, and if you do not know Christ, my prayer is that you find him.

This work is organized into the following sections:

Come and See – An Essay on Christianity presents a logical progression to the message of salvation. Hopefully, this will entice you to come and see and consider the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Wisdom presents is the character and conduct of the Christian. If we are the children of God, disciples of Jesus Christ, and heirs to the Kingdom then this is how we should live our lives.

Benefits of Christianity in This Life presents the advantages of following Christ while still on this Earth. Eternal life in heaven is not the only gift we enjoy!

Elements of the Faith presents the Tenets (principles and beliefs – dogma) and Precepts (commandments and requirements).

Select Scriptures presents verses that struck me as profound and exceptionally impactful.

Observations & Interpretations present observations and perspectives on interesting, controversial, confusing, or troubling concepts in the word of God.